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      Acute Preventive Care

      Acute Care

      noseWe know that when you’re not feeling well; whether it be the seasonal flu, a minor chest pain or a throbbing headache, you need to start feeling better and get back to your life. In a true emergency, you should always call 911, but when new or uncomfortable symptoms begin, call our office right away to speak to the physician on call or the staff member in the office.

      Often, we can see you the same day and perform some or all of the needed laboratory tests, treatments or imaging studies you may need for a prompt and accurate diagnosis. Because we offer lab services, x-ray, and EKG on site, your results will always be ‘stat’. CareMedica promises that you’ll get the treatment you need from the staff you trust.

      Preventative Care

      The cornerstone of internal medicine is the relationship between patient and physician. Internists are trained to study diseases, manage several chronic illnesses concurrently and integrate the latest research into patient care. But more than anything, internists are your partner for life. Here at CareMedica, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all‘ to medicine, because there’s no other YOU.

      After initially meeting with you and compiling your medical history, current medications, lifestyle habits and any issues that are important to you, we can offer accurate, realistic guidance to get and keep you healthy.

      We see our time with you as an opportunity to review and promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe in preventive medicine and maintaining wellness and offer services to support that. In our opinion, this includes health weight goals, regular exercise, stress management, avoidance of tobacco products, balanced and nutritious eating and regular physical exams.

      By visiting us when you’re not sick, we have the opportunity for an in-depth review of your current medications and chronic illnesses while formulating screening and prevention programs to keep you healthy. While we can offer many of the routine screenings here on-site, we also work with many highly recommended specialists in the New Haven area.

      If you’re seeking an internist to partner with you, call today and schedule a consultation. We look forward to seeing you in our offices soon.

      If you have questions, please refer to our contact page.

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