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      CareMEDICA Elite Concierge Membership


      Welcome to CareMEDICA Elite, an exclusive concierge community where members have unlimited access to their own private care team. Unlike other concierge practices, CareMEDICA Elite employs a collaborative approach to the monitoring of your health, giving you access to an entire team of expert concierge physicians and care providers. Your elite care team will prioritize understanding you comprehensively and aim to help prevent avoidable health concerns rather than solely addressing them after they arise. With their guidance, you are sure to discover newfound vitality and improved wellness. 

      With CareMEDICA Elite, your preferred concierge physician is at your service any time you need—enjoy longer visits, more meaningful discussions, and more frequent contact. Embrace total wellness with nutritional counseling, fitness assessments, custom supplementation, thorough sleep analysis, group fitness for members, and much more.

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      CareMEDICA Elite's two central locations are located in Hamden, CT, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Both of our concierge offices have been newly renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment—all of which has been reserved strictly for the use of our concierge members. Once you enter the office, you will immediately sense an atmosphere that breathes luxury. Every meticulous detail, from the lobby to your exam room, has been intentionally designed and carefully crafted to exude extravagance. ​Become a member today and embrace the level of care that you've only ever dreamed of.



      At CareMedica Elite, members are given all the time they require to address concerns, have questions answered, and be empowered to take control of their health journey. Our membership-based primary care model is designed to keep you at your best. Enjoy extended appointment times, unlimited appointments, and immediate same-day appointment setting. 


      The role of your concierge care team in safeguarding your health and encouraging sustainable behavioral change cannot be overstated. Our board-certified providers work directly with you to employ a precise care plan that is aimed at improving your daily wellness and long-term vitality. Our collaborative, team-based approach ensures reliable support from a variety of highly trained medical professionals, including physicians, clinical coordinators, dietetic technicians, and more!



      Members gain direct telephone access to their dedicated concierge care team 24/7, 365. Your executive concierge assistant will serve as your direct medical liaison for all things health-related, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it, whether day or night. Members also enjoy a personal phone line and email to reach their concierge physician immediately, no appointment required.




      At CareMedica Elite, our approach is rooted in data with advanced executive examinations and lab tests. We actively monitor your body's progress and changes by analyzing specific biomarkers, rather than traditional norms. Our attention to detail ensures proactive care with significant impact.


      CareMedica Elite members are given specialty access to an extensive network of medical specialists, as well as an array of exclusive benefits, including special discounts and preferred pricing on a range of AmericanMEDICA vitamins, supplements, and healthcare products. Additionally, members receive valuable discounts on our LaserMEDICA and WeightMEDICA program services, enhancing their journey toward optimal health and wellness.


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