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      Membership FAQs

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is CareMedica Elite?

      CareMEDICA Elite is a Medical & Lifestyle Membership that goes above and beyond the limitations of standard primary care, including perks such as extended doctor interaction, 24/7 care coordination, personal physician contact, preventative testing (not often covered at primary care), and much more. In stark contrast to traditional medicine, the added value of the CareMEDICA Elite model is the promotion and creation of a strongly proactive and patient-engaging experience. Its expert, board-certified physicians, and their highly-skilled clinical coordination executive team can focus on the needs of their patients, becoming their trusted partners for all of their health and wellness needs. Patients who wish to enroll in the program and be under their care will subscribe to the membership for a monthly or annual fee. This fee is in addition to regular insurance coverage.

      How do I pay for Membership? 

      Patients who wish to enroll in the program and be under our care will subscribe to the membership for a monthly or annual fee (this fee is in addition to regular insurance coverage). 

      Which ages qualify for Membership?

      Members from ages 13 and up are welcomed and encouraged to join the CareMEDICA Elite Community. Our concierge providers offer full comprehensive services regardless of age or circumstance, providing senior care as well. 

      What if I wish to rescind my Membership?

      Our team is 100% confident that you will find yourself satisfied with the CareMEDICA Elite program, and offer a minimum enrollment of only 6 months. After your initial 6 months, standard billing occurs on an annual or bi-annual basis.  

      What happens when my doctor is away?

      All CareMEDICA Elite providers provide full on-call coverage, meaning you can reach your care team at any time of day or night. In the rare case that a member requires same-day care when their preferred provider is not in the office, another trusted CareMEDICA Elite provider will be available to provide prompt care.

      How does preventative testing work?

      Our Elite Offices have made significant investments in advanced testing and comprehensive analysis equipment. Because of this, members can receive thorough examinations that provide the most detailed insight into health metrics and status. Members gain access to TM Flow Machines, Genetic Analysis, Executive Examinations, and more. 


      Am I too young/too old to benefit from this Program?
      Absolutely not! The CareMEDICA Elite Program is highly personalized and tailored to each member’s needs and desires. In all actuality, no two CareMEDICA Elite Programs are similar. You will find that all of our services, initiatives, and products are amazingly customized to fit all of your specific health and lifestyle goals.


      What type of Memberships are available?
      In addition to the initial "Blue" membership, CareMEDICA Elite offers several higher and increasingly more exclusive level tiers, including "Gold" and "Platinum". Several different payment options are available. Our Membership Director can speak with you to find a solution that uniquely suits your needs.


      How do the membership fees compare to other “Concierge” medical practices?
      As a unique, very sophisticated, and much more resource-filled program, CareMEDICA Elite operations require a much greater and more sustained investment than traditional Concierge medical practices. Yet, since our goal is to make the program fee affordable for our patients and their families, clients will find the value they receive far exceeds all of their expectations, and the fees are generally lower than those of “mainstream” concierge medicine practices.


      What if, after signing up for the membership, I change my mind?
      We are confident that you will find our Program greatly beneficial and invaluable. You can try the service without any long-term commitment, and given the demand, it’ s smart to sign up right now. There is a minimum enrollment of 6 months of membership.


      When do I pay the membership fee?
      We offer three payment options: monthly, quarterly, and annually. You will not be charged until your membership begins. Should you elect to pay monthly, Membership fees are charged on the 1st or the 15th of each month.


      How many patients is my doctor planning to take on with this membership model?
      CareMEDICA Elite physicians will only care for a limited number of patients: 250 on average and never more than 500.


      Will I be able to have house calls?
      House calls are not considered part of the membership service. However, your care team will work closely with you, and they will be readily accessible to you whenever you need specialized care.


      What happens when my doctor is away?
      Your doctor will have on-call coverage with other CareMEDICA Elite physicians so that if an urgent need arises, you’ll still get the quality care your membership qualifies you for.


      How does the membership fee work with my HSA/FSA?
      You should check with your individual insurance provider/ benefits administrator.


      Is membership tax-deductible?
      You should check with your accountant/tax advisor.


      Will the price change next year?
      The membership fee is subject to change given the economic climate to adjust for an accrued fee. The membership fee is designed to be affordable for most people, and sustainable for the practice in the long term.


      Is this a replacement for insurance?
      No, this is not a replacement for health insurance. The Membership fee was designed to cover all of the included services and benefits not typically covered by insurance companies. You should continue to maintain your health insurance policies or plans in full force and you will continue to be financially responsible for all associated costs, including copays.


      How do I get started?
      Experience the difference between Personalized Medicine. Call us today at 
      (475) 239 - 8968



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