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      Medical Weight Loss


      Our weight loss program has been successfully helping patients reach their bodyweight goals for over 10 years! We've partnered with some of the region's top minds in fitness, nutrition, and GLP-1 treatments to develop a proven system for medical weight loss. Each patient follows their own unique journey toward their weight loss goals, working in unison with our weight loss specialists to shed those extra pounds. We custom-tailor your weight loss plan to fit your diverse needs and goals. Ready to take your first step towards a healthier, more confident self?


      Your first medical consultation with a weight loss specialist will identify an assortment of factors associated with metabolism, energy, inflammation, cognitive function, and bone density. After targeting the root cause of your weight gain, our specialists will develop an effective program to match your lab results, health history, and goals.

      Each patient receives a completely customized, unique weight loss plan. Plans include an assortment of varying treatments and weight loss methods, such as nutritional modification, exercise objectives, GLP-1 medication, specialty supplements to promote weight loss, and regularly scheduled 1:1 support meetings with your assigned weight loss specialist.  


      Our patients see significant progress during their weight loss journies. You and your weight loss specialist will work together to formulate a timetable specific to you and your journey.

      Your custom program will be designed to match your specific weight goals by utilizing advanced testing methods:

      • BMI Testing tracks BMI throughout the duration of the program to ensure proper medication prescription and re-calibration
      • WCA Testing (Weight Composition Analysis) replaces the traditional methods of measuring body fat with calipers and uses hydrostatic displacement with an accurate measure of bioelectrical impedance, which results in a much more accurate portrayal of body fat percentage
      • The MedGem® Indirect Calorimeter is a medical device that accurately measures oxygen consumption to determine resting metabolic rate
      • EKG Testing, or electrocardiogram, is a special test that checks for issues with the electrical activity of the heart. It is usually done by a health professional as part of a cardiovascular assessment, and also as part of a regular physical examination


      Interested in being seen by a CareMEDICA provider? Call (203) 672-2800 for our Connecticut offices, and (561) 776-8890 for our Florida office. You can also schedule your appointment using our Healow portal:  Connecticut Portal   Florida Portal







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